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Gay married man coming out story


Scrappy Doo and I are out in the Royal National Park just south of Sydney. You don’t need to drive more than 10 miles before civilization just up and disappears in Australia. We’re talking about relationships, gay relationships to be specific. Scrappy has always been fascinated about the fact I was married for many years, never had anything on the side (male or female) and was everything a devoted husband should be.

He’s especially intrigued about the whole sexuality thing because frankly, he’s as homo as you can get. But Scrappy loves being around women and women love him, if I leave him alone for 10 minutes somewhere I return to inevitably find some bitch talking to him.  Scrappy asks would I go back and be with a woman and I’ve honestly said yes or I don’t know (or ‘C’ all of the above).  It’s a foreign world for him.

Scrappy has recognized that I for the most part don’t like women. Not just sexually. I’m talking I just hate to deal with them in general. Now I get be all flirty and charming when I’m on, but mostly I don’t like them. Scrappy recognized that I seem to get on best with strong women but strong women who have a tender side to them. Thus my interest in woman has always been on a very narrow front. Who knows, I’m sure I could go into therapy and get this figured out, likely it has to do with my relations with my mother. Don’t all fuck ups start with a family member?

Thus I immediately fall out of the norm for homos who generally have a couple of bitches in their orbit. I don’t watch fashion shows and I’m not interested in song and dance, don’t do yoga and my ability to coordinate clothing is moderate at best (just stick to blue).

I see a lot of gay men gravitating towards a strong female relationship. Maybe because they don’t get it from another guy. Maybe they want their mama. Maybe they wanna be a girl themselves.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve had and have to some extent have a female relation with my wife who is indeed strong but with a softer side, that I’ve covered my bases already. For the most part, I don’t worry about it. Perhaps as well, I have Scrappy (who fundamentally is an entire gay ecosystem in convenient tablet form) and that’s all the gay I need and thus I’m lucky.

Ran upon this NY Times article, nut job crazed homo who decides he’s no longer homo and gets religious. Welcome to America.



  1. Sexuality is like a rainbow…whatever floats your boat I and let live….this is why I like Australia over the USA – more civilised! lol

  2. At risk…. of getting the “you’ve been blocked” cow… but … Do you at time wonder whether you are an angry homophobe living inside a straight-jacketted gay cover? Food for thought. (I know. Next… I get the cow block.)

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