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Gay married man coming out story


The last week has been pretty stressful for me. I’m not used to kids and teenager kids the #1 reason to learn how to drink. I bitch and complain a bunch, I can be nasty to deal and I often want more, something better, or simply something new. Don’t let me fool you too much.

My 12 year old has an adorable little friend. He’s as cute as he can be and from Columbia. I play with him whever he came over to the house. He seemed to like the fatherly attention and I practiced my horrible Spanish on him. I treated him like one of my kids.

Well it turns of his father is an alcholic and abandoned him and his mother. No idea where he’s gone. The little boy has cried every day for 2 months and his mother sits each night at the dining room table crying about how she will make ends meet and what the future holds. Uncertainty seems to be the only thing clear.

My story and perhaps your own probably dims in comparison to what this family is enduring. Family is a stretch, a mother and son, struggling, money problems and support far away in another country.

It’s hard to do the right thing. We all fail sometimes. But you can always correct yourself, perhaps not totally righting a wrong, but intent matters. Doing what’s right. Sounds so damn simple. Sometimes we don’t like the mere thought. But it’s usually the best choice. The high road. Damn it’s dirt road.

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  1. Just ran accross your blog, I love it!
    I am a little further along in the process but welcome you to visit!

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