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It’s 4 a.m. in Dallas and my phone is ringing. It is indeed the Tiger Cub. He’s calling to see how I’m doing.  I’m doing just peachy keen, thank you. Me and my pillow were having a very romantic moment. Slobber dripping from my chin, a loud snore emanating from deep inside me. Paris is going just swell, they went to Rave, a techno bar with all sort of twinks that I devour like cocktail peanuts. He met a married guy, 3 kids. Well tiger, you tend to attract straight and married men based upon my experiences.

I’m still reading Renewal and hope you cheap bastard will simply buy the book, otherwise I will continue to quote. With TC gone, living alone, I have had a lot of free time on my hands. The Rabbi hits the point that people with idle time find things in their life to fret about, worry and concern themselves, hence we should stay as active as possible. A little hard work never killed anyone

My stark comment about my limited value add prompted a number of readers to all chime in about how being the father to my children “was a great contribution”. Thanks, but I’m not buying it. I’m not buying it for you either, BTW. My children will be fine if I drop dead tomorrow. I have given them what I can. Sure I would continue to be a cheerleader, advisor and whatever.

But raising children can’t be your entire freaking life. That’s a cop out. My kids are near about grown. I barely speak with them, short of acting as the ‘bank’. Neighbors across the street, son has gone to college, big house, just WTF are they going to do? Run around naked and have orgie parties. He was out tending the yard. That is your life? Where is my shot gun, I’ll kill you first and me next for having to endure watching your pathetic life. In fact, I’ve watched my entire street fall into this. None of the parents has even the remotest clue what to do with their lives.

I have written this repeatedly (because I am a bit thick), this is it folks, ain’t no dress rehearsal. Fucking painting the house and raking leaves is NOT the legacy I want to have. Leaves can find their own way into the bag if they wanna get picked up.  Make it count, make it count now.

I’m heading back tomorrow, a long weekend awaits.


  1. Yeah, I agree. I would not be one to cheer you on for being a great father. Never seemed to me like you’ve been much of one. I, on the other han, am EXTREMELY proud of the accomplishment of raising my children. Different values, I guess. I crave dick, like you obviously do, but it does not define me. Yes Chris, my children ARE an accomplishment — not because I spermed them into existence, but because I raised them right, they are good kids, and the DO speak to me, and we share. Don’t need a twink to make me feel young.

  2. Chris – I still would say your kids are an achievement – getting them this far and giving them a good start in life, you can justifiably be satisfied with your contribution. Are they the sole thing that defines you and is the purpose of your life? No, there’s more for you. You don’t seem the type that dwells on legacy, you are too practical for that. So what is that you seek? A second chance for happiness with TC? By all means then, go for it.

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