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Over the course of this week, some poor sod spent 6 entire hours of his/her life reading this blog from end to end. I’m not sure whether to congratulate them or have them committed. If I could only figure out how to charge per page, I’d be rich, rich I say.

I am back to lonely times and comforted solely by the prospect of being in Toronto in the next 10 days. There I will deal with a snarling tiger who has developed the feared mini-diva¬†syndrome¬†for which there is no known cure. Though I have some home remedies I’m preparing.

Prof. Tim and I talking today about people in bad relationships. I remembered an investor mental hangup about buying and selling. When you’re selling, you’re actually having to make two decisions, one, the decision to sell and two, what to do with proceeds. It conflicts many investors who often wait too long to sell.

It applies as well to relationships. If you’re in a relationship, you have to make a decision to end it and as well figure out what you want to do with yourself. Men are horrible at this, the thought of being unattached once you’ve been in a LTR is scary (straight or gay). Should I leave someone? Is it as bad as I think? Will I meet someone else? Will they be better or worse?

If you’ve been a prancing fag all of your life, you’ve got a whole network of queens to bitch about with, a gaggle of girlfriends to talk the latest fashion and a entire string of hook-ups you could Redux if you so desired. Not been doing that you say? So you’re home with the kiddies, your big weekend is a little league baseball game and oh boy the new lighting in Home Depot makes a difference. Is that your Saturday night out?

I/we/you/me have got to extend our circle of friends. I’m not talking a fruit cup talking like a valley girl who clear coated his fingernails. Or some butch bear dude with a twinkle in his eye and a sling in his basement. I’m talking normal people. Real cock suckers. They exist, surely they must.

So my flight mission, if you will go with me, is to find normal guys. Normal meaning comfortable with themselves. Not queeny. Not hiding from the world. Not married. Not in a relationship but looking on the side. People you might bond with, have a decent conversation. These homos get all bitchy if you get too many of them together, so best taken in small groups.

Failing that, there is always the power of brown.


  1. You love to be offensive. I think you have written this blog before? Except this time you perfected your touch, you managed to hurl insult at everyone. No on is spared your butch bitchiness. Advice: With a judgmental attitude, you are unlikely to make friends. (Got it out my fortune cookie last night; make of it what you want)

  2. No offense taken – I’m just not one to walk into a movie or start a book half way. Chris’ journey had a beginning and I found his experiences enlightening and important to understanding the challenges those of us contemplating the journey may also face.

  3. Chris I have met a lot of great non-qeeny gay men since I came out. They are out there. My community is not as big as DC metro so I know there are plenty to seek out as friends. Joe I was also one of those pathetic men who read Chris’ blog from the beginning and also gained much insight and was also grateful. Don’t let Chris fool you…he loves when new readers discover his blog and pour over it as we have. Best of luck to you Joe. Chris keep writing your dribble.

  4. Chris, are you OK?

  5. Normal men. Is there such a thing?

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