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Welcome New Readers

Google called me. They wanted to let me know that they’ve released my “Google Ads” for publication. The ads touting this blog had been held up “pending review” by Google. Review has taken weeks.  The poor guy was struggling to talk with me, clearly aware of the topic of this blog. “If there is anything we can to do help you, please call me”, he ended.

Well, new reader, welcome I’m pretty far down the road on My Journey Out, and there’s some links in the sidebar that will help you catch up. Not that I’m that entertaining, but hopefully my experiences might help you in some odd way.

As our show opens, I am here in Washington DC awaiting the return of TC. It’s been the Lone Ranger and Tonto for the last two years as we’ve scurried about the world. Tonto, I mean, TC left me to go be on a cruise ship, hoping to sooth his need for adventure, but it appears slave like conditions on board have not met to his liking and he’s coming home to me and my horse,  Silver (Ok -so perhaps I’m carrying this theme a bit too far and you’re definitely sick). He’s back on Saturday and we will see where this ‘write your own adventure’ drama goes from there.

I have a world of problems on my plate, least of which are ‘gay lifestyle related’, so those are front order priority for me at the moment. It is quite easy to allow your whole world to become fixated on this topic. It’s important though and yes, you’re gonna have to do similar time in this box as you sort it all out, other things and people in your life will suffer. But that’s just how the script has been written.

Despite where I am, I do continue to write on my observations, a diary of where I’m at. I’m not sure I’ve reached the end. Not sure there is an end.

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  1. I dunno if you know it, but tonto in spanish means fool!

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