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Ratings week

Nothing like a little controversy to spark ratings and my comment about "treat him like a woman" obviously struck a nerve with some readers who blasted away at me. If I was wondering whether you were there or not, guess I know you are.

Women and men are quite different. It's well documented. I enjoyed the 1989 book Brain Sex which talks about the differences in how men and women think and feel. Quite detailed with interesting tidbits, Chapter 8 speicfically talks homosexuality. The Chapter begins by pondering why 4% of males may be classified as homosexual whereby only 1% of females are lesbians. Why is that? The Chapter takes a stab at explaining. It follows not necessarily widely accepted research by a East German scientist. The belief is we all start off with a female oriented brain and change through a series of events. The book is a detailed version of the better known Men are from Venus, Women are from Mars.

TC is definitely more female thinking, with a heavier weighing on emotional and sensing than I. We were talking today and his tone changed as I hit what I thought were his worries. The desire to be loved and understood, the need for security and the hope of a full and successful life. Everything else around those elements is just noise.

Tiger Cub loves me and it's not about taking care of him better, it's about understanding what he really wants and trying to provide it to him that will show my love for him. I do struggle with gay guys, unsure what side of their brain to appeal to. Thus I apologize if offense were taken. I'm still planning on slapping him on the ass though (old habits die hard).


  1. I stubled upon youre blogg on another bloggers page…and I like it:)
    Gonna continue follow u in here…

  2. I don’t think you need to apologize for anything. You have a right to your opinions……that’s why it’s YOUR BLOG.

  3. I agree. It’s your blog. And if you see some corrolatoin between gay men and women, that’s your business and no one elses. If you see some corrolation between woman and subserviency, hair pulling, cave man, that’s your choice. As I said, we all think differently, and that’s why I like reading your posts.

  4. I like youre blogg!

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