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R*** Boy

We're at the Union Street gay bar in Belfast. I spy a cute guy. Chris shakes his head as I dive over to chat. He knows how I am and who I go for. My "new" friend, Wade, 19 yo from Canada, he explains he's in the bar because he "bi-curious".  I chuckle to myself. He's a total puppy, here on a college exchange program for 1 quarter. I bring Chris over to chat (fellow Canadian as he is). Meanwhile I get to paw Wade a little as they chat. Chris and I are both getting in to him (I'm whispering "3-way" much to Chris's chagrin). Evening ends.

Sunday. Main downtown shopping zone, we're strolling around. Coming down the street opposite is Wade. I smile. He smiles. As he approaches we notice a much older guy with Wade. We stop for a brief "hello". Wade is nervous, the older guy (I'm talking late 50's or early 60's) stops as well. Wade doesn't introduce this "guy" who stands a few feet back. He wanders on down the street as do we.

30 meters, Chris and I turn to each other OMG, WTF was that about. We conclude our "friend" Wade may well be doing some part-time work for US-Irish relations. Clearly, something wasn't right. I smell rent boy.

Chris then says, "well what do you think people are thinking when they see the two of us together". I gulp. Geez, hadn't thought of that. "Well at least I'm not scared to introduce you", I reply. Nonetheless, point taken. At dinner later that night, Chris is talking about one of his friends coming to London to visit who is 25 and has had a long relationship with a guy who he guesses is over 60. "How is that feasible?", I'm asking.

"There are no set rules in the gay world", Chris replies, "if it works for you, that's all that matters". A very smart answer indeed.

Note: Original title changed and picture deleted as it attracted too much Google Image traffic.


  1. You mean there’s a chance for me with a 20 something……lol just kidding I’m quite content with Geoff.

  2. Love has no age limits. As he said, if it works for you…who cares what other people say!

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