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Tiger Cub came back from Paris yesterday afternoon and I left my boys watching TV in the flat to surprise meet him at the Eurostar station. I like those impromptu gestures. Plus I wanted to sniff him to see how bad he was in my absence.

We bumble down into the tube, he’s chattering about what else he did in Paris and off into the subway we go. We’re heading back to my apartment. I tell Chris he should come meet my kids. Meet them as my friend, plus he has no where to go for the moment and needs to take a shower. He’s yes, no’ing it the entire trip. But curiosity gets to him. He agrees to pop in and meet, shower and leave.

Our excuse is he’s my friend, just off the train, going to work and more convenient to take a quick shower here.

We’re walking down the street to the flat. Chris is changing his clothing. "What are you doing?", I ask. "I need to look a less gay for your boys", is his reply. I chuckle to myself. He’s sooo queer there’s no way to hide it.

Chris wanders into the flat. The boys are watching TV. Like any teenagers, they merely grunt when I introduce him. I send the boys down the street to grab us a sandwich. Chris uses the moment to acost me. My little cub clearly missed me, horny little f*ck that he is. He hops in the shower and the boys quickly return. Chris, now dressed, chats a few moments with the boys then leaves.

The boys say nothing nor ask any questions. Chris says teenagers observe and know everything, so we should be careful. But later that night, I telephone him, he’s all excited. "They’re sooo cute and the older one looks just like you. I"m gonna make a great mom for them". He’s clearly been drinking. But he wants to go lunch with us today.

Was this a good idea or a bad idea? I’m not sure, but it’s my life, ugly or pretty as it may be, and hiding isn’t a good idea.


  1. Hiding is never a good idea I think you know and understand that now. How your boys will eventually react to meeting their fathers lover later….will you will have to deal with that later you cann’t anticipate.

  2. He’s right..teenagers do know everything. Maybe time to get them their own therapists….

  3. Just started reading your blog – incredible journey, and one I know well.
    My kids were 23, 21 and 16 at the time I came out to them. And the 16 year old had the easiest time of it – for he, and his friends, being gay is a non-issue, even if it’s his dad. My feeling is that the longer you wait, the more the deception takes precedence over the news.
    Good luck!!

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