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For those just joining, TC AKA my pup, returned to Toronto to look for legal work, I understood, he needs to make money, I’m not doing a great job at that. He got an apartment, not that he can afford one, but he wanted ‘us’ meaning me to be able to stay with him. He endured some nasty comments from his parents about moving out. It’s a cultural thing. Be he did it.

True to form, pup quickly got a job, or rather the job came looking for him. One of the top stylist in Toronto has his manager chasing Chris. I’m not talking Great Clips. I’m talking $400 haircut. The guy has an entire staff focused on him including a PR manager. If you’re an actor in town for a film shoot or event, you’re gonna be in this place. And they want my little brown pup. I’m very proud.

TC has been a good pup. I’m the first person he calls in the morning (still half asleep) and the last person at night and numerous times in between. He worries about me. Wants good things to happen and wants a situation to quickly arise where we can be back together.

Amazingly, he didn’t want to take this job, though he is immediately assured of making good money. He had various reasons, but the biggest was that you don’t quickly walk away from this salon without good reason, at least if you want to maintain some type of reputation. With me floundering, he wanted to be flexible, hoping I would find a settling point. I pushed him to take the role, they want him now and the money will immediately flow.

While he worries about me. I worry about him. There are a lots of things I might find to bitch about in my life at the moment, he’s not one of them. All of the craziness over the last 18 months have been because of me and he’s hung on, not wavered, not threatened, bitched, of course, but he’s still there.


  1. I think I agree with TC……he shouldn’t take that job. He’s more likely to end up where you are and he’s right about his reputation.

  2. I think it’s a good thing he took that job. Since he is making all that money now, maybe he can support you for a while so you can set up in Toronto. The more I think about it, the better it sounds.


  3. I love that pup pic..he’s almost as cute as you. I’d give up my job over true love in a second!

  4. Just realised that you’ve started blogging again!!!!!!! Will have to sit down and catch up on all the latest! 🙂

  5. Oh, how cute. The pup is going to get a job and take care of you. How sweet. Now, let me delve into my favorite role, that of reality check. I was the general counsel of an aerospace company in the DC area, Im presently with the Obama government. I know people in a certain circle. DC vs Toronto …. hmmm, you tell me Chris. Number of people I know in DC who would pay $400 for a haircut? You tell me Chris, you live in DC and travel the same circles. Number of people who would go to Toronto (where is that?) to get a $400 haircut? You tell me Chris. I go to haircuttery. Would I get a haircut from someone whose last gig was at a low budget middle-america cruise (as in, all you can eat) ship? I don’t think so! Would you? So, the pup is going to pay your bills. And your “wife”‘s bill, and your kids bills. Love it. I’m so glad. Hey, is he still going to the clubs at night? All the best.

  6. Chris: Your situation reminds me of the song “So Close” from the movie Enchanted. Search for it on You Tube.

    You’re in my arms
    And all the world is calm
    The music playing on for only two
    So close together
    And when I’m with you
    So close to feeling alive

    A life goes by
    Romantic dreams will stop
    So I bid mine goodbye and never knew
    So close was waiting, waiting here with you
    And now forever I know
    All that I wanted to hold you
    So close

    So close to reaching that famous happy end
    Almost believing this was not pretend
    And now you’re beside me and look how far we’ve come
    So far we are so close How could I face the faceless days
    If I should lose you now?
    We’re so close
    To reaching that famous happy end
    And almost believing this was not pretend
    Let’s go on dreaming for we know we are
    So close
    So close
    And still so far

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