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Probably going to wet the floor

Image409 "I need to be do'd and bad", Tiger Cub is explaining to me on the phone. Like a puppy left in a dark kitchen for the night, TC is yelping about being alone and now horny. Kinda of hard to separate us after living together for 9 months, we miss each other. Thus, I'm going to have to go to Canada next weekend and "do'd" him so he's back to normal.

Saturday night I took Angie (a lawyer in my former company) out to Brasserie Beck for dinner. She in the midst of a divorce with a guy who by all accounts should be the "perfect" mate. But something was missing. Her story had the eery sound of my own. You can't really make a list of what you want, you have to feel it and more importantly go for it. I'm thinking about TC at this point.

The plan was for me to stay at home until I sorted out my next job and get some cash flowing in, probably the first of the year. I've decided I don't want to work for any one company right now and am focused on various consulting stints. I need to be ready to jump when the economy sputters back to life. I've got 2 gigs already in the works. But my plan didn't account for my emotional needs.

So there at dinner, I decided to throw caution to the wind, I need to get my own place ASAP, sub-let a 2 bedroom apartment with a short lease and drag that worthless brown lump of out Canada down here so he can be "do'd" whenever the hell he needs it and I can sleep soundly curled up around him at night.

Progress is never attained with inaction.


  1. Wahoo – sounds like a VERY GOOD plan Chris! 🙂

  2. Hey I came across this when looking for something else but I read it anyway I thought I might leave you a comment:) I have not been married yet but I have been in long lasting relationship and some I thought would never end and some I did not want to end but I think as long as you are honest with yourself and partner no matter what sex or color your relationship with it should be true… Good Luck with everything:) heather

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