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I’m working on a refrigerator. I know there is only me and $10 part that separates me from success. It’s how I spent Satruday. Yee haw.

But a mere 3 miles away, the DC PRIDE event is in full swing. Homo heaven, every night spot and spots converted for the night are bustling. I’ve no interest. Read the book, saw the movie already, I’m jaded. But I wonder how many newbies there were along the parade route this evening. Sneaked away from their family, to take a peek into the gay life.  They saw everyone having fun, drink in hand, surrounded by friends laughing. An assortment of trim cuties wandering about, better the hit gym a bit and cut out those nasty carbs.

After a few hours, they sulked back to their suburban house, the wife and kiddies already having had dinner, made up some flimsy excuse and returned to the life in front of the telly. Wondering, gee why can’t I be part of that crowd.

Well, you can. It’s easy. Just pull the pin on the hand grenade and start counting.  All your dreams will come true. Hot boys every night. A conveyor belt of cock or whatever else tickles your fancy.

Unfortunately, it’s a diet of empty calories. But you won’t know this until you’re caught in the vortex. The twinkling disco lights, ever present club thumping music or maybe your game is playing Peterian roulette on one of the many online venture. Careful with that pin.

TC at 1 a.m. is on Toronto’s Church Street, a place he’s be going to since he was 16. Out with his friends, he wants to go home. “It’s all the same, cute little twinks looking for boys for one night, when are you getting me out of here”, he asks.

Soon I hope.


  1. You have become more jaded than me in only 4 years. That’s sad!!! you have at least 20 years of gay life

  2. I hesitated to write this, but seeing Single Guy’s response, I’m going to. You really are jaded, and perhaps you have to consider if you’re getting everything you need, or everything you could, from TC. I was once one of those looking in from the outside. And I had my share of disappointments of “breaking in” after many years of hiding. Aside from developing gay friends, I also met a guy, 6 years ago, quite a few years my junior but about 10 years older than TC, and he is, today, my family. And part of my family. It happens. Not everything nor everyone in the gay “world” is vapid, and I have to tell you I think many of your complaints exist on both sides of this divide, gay and str8. I wish you only the best, just wonder if you need to rethink where you are in this relationship, and in developing friendships with other like minded gay men. We do exist!

  3. WTF do I know, I’m just a homo married to a woman, but…

    It seems to me there’s no shortage of bad things that happen in life…or bad situations…or disappointments.

    On a good day, many a glass can appear empty–forget about half full.

    When something (or everything) in life is against us, we all face the same choices: give up, feel sorry for ourselves and spread our misery, take each day as it comes, or, take tangible steps to make our situation better.

    Family, friends and lovers make our lives worth living, not strangers in the street. Fulfillment is possible, sometimes you just have to work your ass off to find it.

  4. My mum was marching at the pride march in DC!! PFLAG!!! she was checking out all that muscle!

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