A beautiful Saturday afternoon in Washington, DC. Sun shining, not too hot, humidity levels pleasant. A great day for a parade, I’d say. Big turnout and people lined the streets.

I’m glad I went. It was, however, a bit much for me. Scanning the crowds I kept looking at faces hoping to identify with a person behind that face. There were clearly all types of folks present (some flaming, some leather, and and and). Yes, there were a bunch of generally normal folks as well.

A parade group of gay Asian’s came by. Dressed only in revealing (yes that kind of revealing) tiny blue shorts. Cute. But I was thinking, what’s the point? If there was one, I missed it.

William’s comment to me from months ago set in. “You’re living as a straight, tall, attractive, educated, well off professional white dude from a good family (I have other adjectives but you’ll need parental consent to hear them), you’re at the top of the food chain. It’s hard for you to see or understand the struggles that many gay men have had to contend with in their lives. You’ll develop your own sensitivity as you struggle along.”

His point now well taken.