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Playing with fire

Like the cat and canary, I could not resist calling Eduwardo on the phone. He didn’t answer (how gay) and I left a nice short message. But a moment later, I got a text message from him saying he was listening to my voicemail. Stupid me, I call again. This time Eduardo answers and we spend nearly an hour talking.

I still can partially speak English with Eduardo. He just oozes sexy in a way only a Latin can. He’s just back from Paris, readying himself to go for a 1 year MBA programme. I’m talking about what color grass is. He is very sweet. I am quite smitten with him. Eduardo goes on to tell me “it was a good thing I had not been drinking the night we might, otherwise something would have happened”. He then said, “you and I have a definite connection”. Clean-up on Aisle 12. I am love struck.

Eduardo plays it cool. He asks about Scrappy Doo and how we’re doing and whether he’s coming to Australia with me. Yes, he is, now let’s get back to me being sweet and you being sexy. I push Eduardo to go to dinner before I leave. He is hesitant, he is dating someone, but imagines out loud, “I will tell him I’m having dinner with a good old friend and that should raise too much attention”.

This is one of those classic moments when those of you in the cheap seats should boo and holler at me. Scrappy Doo loves me like nothing else and I love him, can’t imagine my life without him. We are like to small dogs romping about, nipping, yipping and pissing on things and at the end of the day curl up on top of each other and sleep. It’s a good life.

I am emotionally cheating on Scrappy. There I said it. You happy now. I am playing with fire. But I have heard Eduardo’s siren song and I am captured at least for the moment. As you know me, I don’t chase any new boys today (primarily as my leash is too short to get outside the yard), I also don’t want do. Eduardo is an old flame. But there is clearly a deeper connection. It’s not some cute little ass or puppy dog eyes (yes on both counts) but I sense Eduardo would know how to ride me (not in that way you sick fuck), manage me (I need a manager). But this is indeed risky business. More like stupid.


  1. Why even go there?

  2. It’s like an itch you can’t quite get at…….you were smitten by him years ago and he sort of tossed you aside. Is this revenge…..or to prove to yourself that you, in fact, didn’t fail, that you can still lure him in. But the bigger question here is “IS IT WORTH IT?”

  3. You said it. and you are playing with fire. If Scrappy Doo finds out, you’ll be the single guy. But maybe you are happy. THere will always be more Eduardos…even in Sydney. So are you happy? I think you need to come clean.

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