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Play house time coming

I booked Scrappy Doo to come down from Toronto this week. We’re long over due to “play house”, he’ll stay a week, but then I gotta get packed for Australia. He’ll likely show up the end of the month. It works for me.

I went to a gay mixer event on Friday with my new sorta friend, Bob. This is a great way to meet new folks and I encourage you to look for events in your city. Yes, it’s hit or miss and more miss than hit most times, but you gotta play those odds. What I have generally found is if you put a bunch of gay guys in a room, they act like a bunch of chickens, they start pecking away at each other or getting bitchy. Not sure why. At the mixer I met up with another Bob, older guy (meaning my age) lots of fun and spirited discussion. Bob’s not currently partnered, good job, well traveled.

The new Bob sorta takes issue with the age difference between Scrappy Doo and myself. He reckons I’m making up for lost time and he misted how he used to play the field, but not anymore, he professes he’s mature now. I couldn’t figure out whether he was jealous or pecking at me or most likely both.

The fact of the matter is Scrappy Doo and I have been together 3 1/2 years (the 1/2 counts you know). Now we’re not together all the time, but when we are together it’s 24×7. You might guess and you’d be right that the novelty of old man gets young thing would have worn off by now (or my appetite would have increased to get more notches on the headboard). Similarly, the sugar daddy aspect would have grown equally boring (been there, done that).

The reality is our relationship just works. It bounced along, hit some bumps, snared some sharp edges and will likely to continue to do so. New Bob finally I think realized this when he concluded, “you guys aren’t even remotely aware of your age differences anymore are you?” Well no, not at all really.

Attraction is a total package. It’s not just looks, though it is a bit. It’s not just personality, though certainly a factor. There is some level of unexplainable magic, a drop of Superglue, that binds it all together in a package that simply works.

It’s why you can’t pick a mate from an online catalog. Chat or email for eons hoping to pick up the secret. Hope that some hookup goes to the next stage . You gotta put your fat ass out in front of people, take the risk, suffer the abuse, weather the tides, because there is no short cut to success.

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  1. If it works for you…age difference does not matter. I just hope Sydney does not break you up!

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