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Pizza to go

Created a fake profile on so I could browse around. Stunned the sheer number of guys just in the DC metro area. I mean wow, it’s like ordering a pizza, "Yes, could I get a Latino 25-30, 140-150 lbs, not too tall … oh and can I get that in a total bottom".

It struck me that some of the guys are sincerely interesting in simply finding new people to meet from reading their profiles. I like reading the profiles and I found a couple of them actually cute AND interesting. Other guys are  in a perpetual state of being horny and looking for a fresh score. Ewwwww.

William has some friends who appear to be doing more than their share in carving notches on their bed posts. I guess if I’m in my early 20’s that might be fine. But someone in their late 30’s? It strikes me as empty. I realize no one is getting emotionally hurt here, but still.

I think it would wear me down to have a bunch of meaningless sex with different guys. I’d start to question my self worth and no doubt it might hit my self esteem. So why are they doing it? You’re asking me, how should I know? But it does seem guys are so sexually charged that it’s hard to stop when your partner has equal motives.

I’m entering the gay world from Straight Land. My sense of sex and relationships were formed on that side. I’m a bit scared not so much for what I already know, but for what I don’t.

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  1. Great post, I know just what you mean. Although, I’d like to be that guy, sleeping around with every Tom, Dick or dick, just for a while, so I can experience what I should have experienced in my 20’s. By the way, I have a pofile on too, LOL.

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