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Pissed in a royal way

I’m fuming with TC. The fact is he’s lazy and a kid. He’s acting like my 14 yo son. Truth be told, he’s closer to that age group than to my own.

Yesterday, I cleaned the house, washed, ironed, and other assorted sundry items that you just do when you have your own place. But Chris has never had his own place. He’s lived at home, with his aunts, on a ship and with his last boyfriend in a some horrid slum flat. I wandering around this morning. Lights left on, dirt on the tables, stuff that needs to be picked up. He can’t be bothered. I’m not his f*cking mother.

He’s not doing his share of the work. Adding to this, he’s terribly disorganized and indecisive. Just getting a decision on what we’re going to do, seems to take hours. My German oiled machinery is beginning to boil.

9 p.m. he decides what we’re going to make for dinnerĀ  Off into the rain we go to the stores. Unfortunately, 2 of the large supermarkets are already closed. Both a far walk. I’m furious. I’m walking on the other side of the street otherwise I’d be screaming at him. We finally find one open (the one closest to our house). We eat in silence at 10:30 and I go to bed

At this moment, I’m not seeing a lot of upside to having Chris here. But I can’t blame him. He’s young and immature. Says so right on the bottle. Someone’s root character doesn’t change. God help you if you try to change them.

If you read my kindergarden report card (I still have them), the teacher wrote virtually the same thing that a teacher today would write about me. All the good and all the bad points. I had it all at 5 years old, preprogrammed at the factory.

So I can’t be mad at TC, I can only be mad at myself for selecting him or continuing to have him in my life. Because changing him, isn’t a possibility.


  1. You’re probably right… what are you going to do about it…huh?

  2. In light of this and the previous post I think it’s time to kick him to the curb. Don’t waste your time on this one life is too short.

  3. Ummm, I think you’re a great guy Chris, and I think you’re selling yourself short with Toronto Chris. Seems to me that it’s all upside for him, and lots of downside for you. From what my mate SG (who you met in Washington) tells me, you are a bit of all right and would have no trouble at all “pulling”. In fact, from what you write, you seem pretty comfortable doing so. So why are you persisting with Toronto Chris?

  4. The bottom line is that this kid is going to take way too much work to get him to be someone you can live with. And we all know how easy it is to change someone…. Time to move on.

  5. You go out with a child…what did you think you were gonna get??? You want someone who’s 30! LOL..we’re mature but cynical!

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