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Late last night, I’m jet lagged & dead asleep, TC is calling. He’s horny and wants me to talk dirty to him. But my thoughts have turned towards my wife. Who is singularly the best person on the face of the earth IMHO. A great wife, wonderful mother and loving companion. But we never talked about sex stuff, whereas TC will easily chatter with me on the topic.

Image299 I wonder how many married husbands face this dilemma, a good marriage but perhaps a less fulfilling physical aspect. Are they into on-line porn? Hitting the strip clubs while on a business trip? Arranging one night stands? Or perhaps indulging in the classic cheating with the secretary? I was mindlessly unaware if my own friends were up to this.

My wife was the mother of my children, the matriarch of the family, the keeper of the flame. The mere thought of something elicit, naughty or just plain dirty wasn’t on my mind sexually with her. Strictly missionary so to speak. Women become wives and then mothers and with that a change in prospective from their man’s point of view.

Women always want to be seen as a woman first, I suspect, and no doubt hate the onset of the “Mommy” syndrome. It was only after I cheated on her (OK – so it was with a guy, details details), that we finally talked about sex and I realized what a nasty little girl she wanted to be. She wanted to be sexually satisfied and do whatever to please me.

X-Tube has plenty of videos of women who “f*ck” their husbands with a strap-on and perhaps these husbands are just a little gay (ain’t we all). What matters is that each person is open and happy.

The point is, I wonder aloud where my entire journey would have been altered had I simply talked about things openly with my wife. Now you hardcore queers in the “once a cocksucker, always a cockersucker” camp may well be right, but there clearly is a gray area. So if YOU think there’s an alternative, may I suggest you give communications a shot before venturing OUT.


  1. Who did you get to take that pic of you? hehe

  2. Interesting…I think many of my straight friends are in awe by how us queers can talk so freely about sex and about desires…so I think everyone should start talking dirty and seeing their partners in a sexual way…gotta keep it spicey!

  3. You never cease to amaze me. Not only are you a great father to your kids and a great lover to your TC, you are also one of the best husbands I have ever seen. Your love and admiration for your wife is as evident as your love and admiration to the three little cubs (TC and the kids). She is lucky to have you.

  4. Sex with my wife I’m afraid to say was never a very impressive experience on my part. Acutally – and I don’t mean to sound naieve – I’m not sure it was especially what she needed from me. We loved each other in a very unphysical way and wanted each other for each other, so to speak.
    What can I say but that six years after we parted we speak at least three times a week.
    We didn’t have kids but that was due to fibroid issues as much as anything else. I actually now don’t regret the like of children in my life – I’m my own lumpen, awkward kind to look after.
    Also, I had a dad who didn’t do a very good job of being a loving father and I often worried I’d screw it up for my own child.
    So what am I going to do when I’m old and frail with no kids or grandkids to see to me. Well, before then I’m intending to open a retirement home for gay man – and when I get to the zimmer stage I’ll just sign myself in as one of the residents.
    Just imagine all those Jerry Herman medley sing- songs we’ll have fun with in the Day Room!

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