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Gay married man coming out story

I am gay. I want nothing but a series of meaningless hook-ups with hot boys. I plan on dying old and alone.

Words you probably would never hear any gay guy utter, but often that’s the life they seem to lead. I’m officially snowed in and more is coming, so I’m on Craigslist trolling the M4M section. OH — don’t tell me you haven’t looked at the postings like you’re some angel from above!

As a marketer, I’d love to download a weeks worth and analytically process the text to figure out the posting patterns. My guess is CL is the ultimate in efficient market theory. You post exactly what you want and in theory those who meet your criteria respond.

Unfortunately many of the postings sound like someone is ordering a new car. Must be so high, so big a dick, very narrow age range, into this, but not into that. And then there are the scorned ones, “no face pic, no reply”, “no picture collectors”. And of course, the professional CL poster, his text carefully polished from years of daily postings, “this is what I want”, “this is what you get” and here’s what you have to do. Finally, the prime reason I lock my door, are the twisted ones. I particularly enjoyed some guy who apparently is running a glory hole from his apartment.

Most pictures are body shots, some of purely cock photos (OMG you have a beautiful dick, I want to keep you forever) and the big bottoms, well, you figure it out.

The pros and those who want to appear more hip litter their posting with all kinds of short codes, DDF, HWP, clean (which has me generally worried), 420 friendly, PNP and other assorted letters and numbers which had me googling to figure out what it meant.

But in this huge mix come the seldom post, someone, obviously shy, no picture, simply saying what they think they’re a nice person and looking for someone nice as well. You wonder whether this person has exhausted all other efforts to find what they want and CL is a last resource, or they’re broad spectrum marketing themselves, covering all the bases.

People think marketing is some sort of black art. The reality is you simply try things and if they work, you do them so more. If they don’t work, well – you stop doing it. Not complicated.

If you’re out trying to meet people, you have to give all avenues a whirl, be open and who knows some random encounter might lead to you meeting that someone special.


  1. ahh…dying old and alone. The ultimate fear of the married gay facing leaving the safe and comfortable family nest to enter the bizarre world of gay dating.

  2. Don´t forget that you can be straight…and die old and alone as well! There are a lot of elderly men & women in that situation (and even with children and grand-children who doesn´t care about them).

  3. “Love yourself, as you love no other
    Be no man’s fool, be no man’s brother
    We are all born to die alone, you know
    And that’s the hell of it.”

    — The Hell of It, Paul Williams
    Phantom of the Paradise (Soundtrack)

  4. Part of the attraction of craigslist is that it’s free. It’s a lottery ticket for that shy guy looking for another “nice” guy. But a free lottery ticket. Maybe there’s a one in a million chance he’ll find the perfect guy from cl…..but it’s free! So why not take the chance?

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