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PDA: Is it just me?

In Cologne, Germany. I remember kissing TC on the train platform as he was leaving (it was a good one). I didn’t think much about it. But from the looks of the people around me, it was the highlight of their day.

PDA (public display of affection), if I see two guys kissing I go ewwwww that’s just nasty. But yet I’m totally comfortable being affectionate in public. I am me, all day, all night, all the time. When Chris and I met at the Toronto airport, I was trying to be on my “bestest” behaviour, but found myself quickly nuzzling him in the airport arrivals hall and practically deflowered him in the parking garage. I realize a lot of guys aren’t comfortable with PDA, attracting unwanted attention, gotta work on that.

But PDA can work in reverse? Chris got annoyed with me in London, dark gay club, I found myself a bit possessive of him. I was marking my territory. A warning signal to every guy eying him in the club. But there was really no need, he wasn’t running off with anyone else that night. I failed to realize this, but some primal male offensive kicked in.

I guess I haven’t been discriminated against yet. Time will tell.


  1. Good for you. Straight couples routinely make out everywhere..why not gay couples? if you like/love someone show it!

  2. my bf likes it, especially holding hands, etc. im trying my hardest because it is so important to him. still very awkward for me.

  3. I have to be “in the moment” for this. Sometimes when we’re out and about, I get the urge to hold my bf’s hands. He doesn’t like it sometimes. Though it’s reversed from time to time. When we’re out with folks, I get all weird when it feels like he’s making known to everybody we’re together. I’m thinking Whoooo, no need to make it obvious. Hope you had a good Christmas!

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