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I’m watching the Showtime series, “Queer as Folk”. I used to watch in secret by myself as I wondered what went on in gay life. It was exciting and interesting, a tad exotic. looking at it now, all I see is the drama, stories in an endless repetition, much like gay life can be for some. The Merry-go-round is always in operation, it’s up to you as to whether you ride or not.

My family arrived in Munich yesterday and in the evening they dutifully called me in Cologne. The oldest one on the phone first, detailing how the flight went, his voice cracking from a boy into a young man. Followed by my youngest son, he’s the sensitive one, he’s more concerned about he and I looking for puppies together. The real kind in dogs. We share a love for Labs.

I only have 2 pictures in my furnished flat, one is this copier scan of my youngest son’s hand. My wife, in giving it to me, explained that for some odd reason he wanted me to have it. It’s hanging on a thread of Scotch tape on a nearby bookshelf. I wonder what he meant by it. Perhaps he just wanted me to know, he’s there. I can see him, his meaty paws stuck under the copier lid. Him looking in wonder at the page that emerges and declaring, “I’m giving this to my dad”.

As this blog is a testament to, it’s easy to get caught up in oneself. You become the Sun, all of life supposely dependent on you. But I do have a little solar system of my own, where I am the Sun and it’s what I call my family.


  1. You are such a wonderful father. Those little puppies are lucky to have you. You give them so much time and attention that they will always remember how good their father was to them. It’s good to have a father involved in theis son’s lives. Kids notice everything. Everything.

  2. I watched Queer as Folk before I came out…as homework. I wanted to get an indication as to what life as a gay guy would be like – obviously, with a healthy dose of scepticism as it is, after all, a TV series. But I must say, many of the situations etc depicted are relatively accurate…maybe just a little OTT.

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