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Paris, a mark is left

Well the weekend with TC (TC) in Paris is now over. He’s moved from a $300 a night trendy boutique hotel to a $30 per night youth hostel. But not before he trashed up the hotel bathroom. Christ – he practically lived in there. He’ll stay in Paris for a few more days. For the most part we had a great time. We rented bikes and rode around taking in the sights. My two sons arrive tomorrow, I’m onboard Eurostar heading back at 185 mph to London, got to get the flat ready for them.

TC and I fight likes dogs n’ cats. Arguing, bitching and complain (that’s just me), I’m starting to think I can be a drama queen. I nagged at him about where his life is going. He argued back I don’t understand. What’s to understand? So he got pissed and rode his bike off into the rainy night.

But we make up and the make-up sex is incredible. In fact, I’ve never had someone rotate my gyros like he does. Like a thirsty man in the desert, I can’t seem to get enough. TC offered up a new layer of himself this weekend, a level of passion and openness I hadn’t seen before. Maybe it was the romantic atmosphere of Paris, but he’s clearly getting attached to me, he hates to admit this to himself, but he let slip some words. Time will tell.

Last night, we stopped into Le Depot. A bustling sex club in the middle of the Hotel de Ville gay area of Paris. I wanted to go in and see what these sex clubs were all about. It seemed to be “the” place Paris on a rainy Saturday night.

God was it awful. All the things I could possibly hate about gay guys. Dark rooms full of guys of all types, milling around, dark corners, little closets with guys waiting for someone to come in. Free condom buckets everywhere and pump lube on the walls in each closet. How disgusting and how emotionally empty. It was shock to me just how full the place was, no discussions, just quick hook-ups. Yuck.

Tiger Cub and I went into a little closet to make out, chat and laugh. He then wanted to give me a blow job in one of the dark rooms. I was just drunk enough to think it silly and hot. So into a larger room we went, TC dropped on his knees, I unzipped my pants and down he went. A group of 10 guys quickly gathered round to watch.

Needless to say, my “interest” level dropped almost immediately and 30 seconds later TC stands up, I zip up. He’s laughing, telling me a career as a porn star probably wasn’t going to pan out. We leave shortly thereafter, I don’t have a need to visit a sex club ever again.


  1. Well, you’re one step ahead of me…still haven’t done a sex club. And from what everyone tells me, don’t think it’s likely I’ll be doing one anytime in the near future either! At least you can say “been there, done that!”. Enjoy your kids Chris! Hugs!

  2. Sex clubs can be fun…the right ones though:) Enjoy your kids…other kids I mean!

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