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Packing up

TC will soon start to pack up. Thursday he leaves for New York and then on to Toronto. I will be alone. We’re not broken up. We’re just dealing with the facts. I will be alone. Did I say that already?

Teen age boys tend to have two modes of responses. A ‘grunt’ means they’re in agreement, a ‘yelp’ means they’re not in agreement. All basic caveman speak. Me, as the head caveman, usually carry a damn big stick (just in case).

So my wife wants TC to cut her hair and she asked my youngest son, who has long out of control blond hair, if he wanted TC to ‘thin it out’. He grunted.  In Neanderthal code, this mean ‘YES’. A big shock. The youngest and most emotional of the two, has been the most anti-TC.

We’ve all gotten together in the last weeks, and my son has softened. TC chats easily about music and art, things that interest him, played our famous Risk games (in which I continue to be annihilated). So acceptance is indeed underway and now TC is leaving. I roll along.


  1. Chris,

    You could always go on a cruise……perhaps TC could tell you which ship as the best “passenger” relations……just kidding.

  2. When I was living in the family home as the captain of the ship there were many times I was alone but never felt lonely. Now I am finding out just how lonely being alone can feel.

  3. Maybe you should start the paperwork so you can bring him home for good.

  4. I have this crazy thought that all of you will end up living togeher in one happy house!

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