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Packing up, time to go

I went out to dinner with my friend Bob on Friday. Bob is from the midwest, late 30’s, short cropped hair (due to a non-hair situation), tall, kinda of big (though he seems to be at the gym 4 days a week). Bob is a big open homo and has an equally big heart. Bob is also very much single.

Bob is way past hook-ups, he wants a real date, real¬†commitment¬†and he wants to take things slowly. Unfortunately, Bob is also deadly boring. He’s just simply put not all that interesting. He’s in the midst of dating a Mexican hair stylist who lives 40 miles away and wondering whether that’s a good idea of not. Whipping out his iSuckCock phone he shows me a picture of the aging Mexican queen (why is it that gay guys often refuse to get old). Yuck, not me baby.

I like Bob, he’s trying to be my friend and I have zero interest in bonking him, so that works well. Bob, though, is probably like millions of people, straight or gay, just living their lives, day in and day out, time on the conveyor belt of life.

My living room is a mess, little stacks of clothing and stuff, cause tomorrow I leave, hitting the road, Dallas, Chicago, Hong Kong, Melbourne. It will be non-stop, high stress, no rest, strange beds, new people. But contrasted with Bob’s life, which would I rather have?

If I have been consistent on any topic it’s “please get off your ass and do something”. I lived my life for too long too far inside the margin, thinking I was protecting myself. Protecting myself against what exactly? Death? Taxes?

Scrappy has gotten his monthly allowance and with it I get a softer growl. I think he realizes I’ve stepped up the game on him and while I didn’t think we could go deeper, it appears we did. I’m hell bent now for him to get health care coverage. He is going to the dentist tomorrow for the first time in over 4 years. Not good at any age. He found and booked it all by himself with relatively little nagging from me (hey – they’re not my teeth).

I was reading in the Washington Post about some homo who was fired from Cirque de Soleil for being HIV+. Lawsuit, he won. He said that he had moved and given up his “boyfriend” for the job. I thought this so sad. Perhaps I’m outmoded, old fashioned, out of step – but won’t you do anything for your family?


  1. I know I would . . . and I do.

  2. Well we all have choices to make. You seem much more content with the choices you have made in the past 4 years. Personally I think they work for you.

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