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A gay roof top event last night, great evening in DC, but despite this the early turn out was kinda of poor. My attendance, of course, prompted a 4 a.m. bed check from you know who. I had a nice chill (am I allowed to use that word) time and in fact talked with a handful of people (namely because the crowd was sparse).

Young guy, 22 (gez – he looked much older, but still within my food group), normal, no gaydar reading and for a moment I wondered whether he hadn’t shown up for the wrong event (he hadn’t). He was a nice as he could be and we chatted along (course I had to tell him I was “married” a to brown Powder Puff – damn I have no game). Horribly polite, he asked permission to go chat with some other people. I was shocked, how polite. Off he wandered and made cold introductions.

Surprisingly he wandered back to continue our conversation. I gave him a lot of credit for being one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met and for making the effort to make random introductions. You got to put yourself out there.

He smiled but stated how¬†perplexed he was with the gay culture. “I meet people, have a nice time and then they don’t call back, all these guys want is a hook-up”. While I’m not sure he’s looking for the love of his life, but he was hoping for something of a bit more substance. Gez .. he’s getting this fast.

Daddy Chris took him under wing and hopefully gave him some hope but not before layering on thick coat of despair. You gotta be tough as nails to deal with the constant rejection but with his sincerity and outgoing behaviour was sure to carry it thru. Ain’t I a good consultant.

Meanwhile, near the London Eye in a dank flat, in the dark of night, TC is attached to the ceiling hissing away. Ain’t he cute.

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  1. Chris — you are a good mentor to the gay-bies, gay newbies. You just need to find and network more guys like this, then they’ll start to co-habitate, and multiply.

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