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Yesterday, I let slip to TC that I had invited my new Asian fashion student to the Village Drinks event. Well TC goes into high alert mode, he announces he’s coming with, though he’s supposed to have dinner with his ex-boyfriend and former roomate. I then let slip that I also invited my Asian friend to dinner as well. Over the edge he goes, TC is sugary sweet all day, he cleans up the kitchen, fixes me lunch and afternoon tea. I should cheat on him more often.

TC is fretting about what to tell Frank (my Asian student) about why he’s coming. How about the truth? A novel concept indeed. So I pick Frank up separately, tell him that TC is coming, he lives with me and is effectively my BF. Frank is very respectful and is telling me about his former BF who happens to have been 45. Tell me I’m not good at picking them!!!

The Village Drinks is a monthly gay professionals night at various venues in London. We arrive early, a huge bar with relatively few people. No matter Frank and TC are enjoying chatting and I’m working the room and do indeed meet some nice people. It’s classic cocktails chatter, but nice.

We leave to hit a straight bar in the area (Covent Garden) and 40 minutes later we return to find the place absolutely packed. I mean wall to wall. Mixed group, all nicely dressed, businesss types. Much harder to chat at this point though. TC stays until 10 p.m., his roommate/former BF is calling and clearly pissed off at him for missing dinner.

I’ve a train this morning so we leave about 11 p.m., walking to the tube, Frank is explaining that TC has talked about me all evening and how it sounds like we have a quite nice relationship. That felt nice, TC never likes to say much about his feelings.

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  1. The network King……will I’m glad you went, I’m also glad you were honest with TC about where you were going with. It would appear that once he is aware that he’s not invincible he’s a lot more attentive.

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