I need to write about something meaningful. Where am I on this journey, I ask myself? I'm walking down the street to meet up with TC and some new folks he's met for a drink and I'm wondering just WTF am I doing, with myself, my job, with TC, with everything. It's easy to just exist day-after-day, doing what you know, being who you are. But where is this going?

Image325 There are moments I think how ridiculous I'm behaving. But do you look down or do you look up in this situation? How bad it is, or how much better it could be? Poor TC is so young to have to deal with me, I snap a whip on him to get himself sorted, but who is snapping a whip on me? We all work best with a manager or coach of some sort. A partnership is supposely 50/50 or thereabouts. 

I had this wild thought if something happened to me would I want TC making life impacting decisions on my behalf.  Now it's not fair, he's young and our relationship is young so comparing that to a 15+ year marriage to a mature woman isn't fair. But life isn't fair.

TC will return to Canada likely next week and I will be back in the US to visit shortly thereafter. In the course of the next 30 days our relationship, where I will be living and my professional life will have a new chapter. I'm excited and scared. On a macro level, I predicted the EURO would fall in value and made money watching it. Now I'm predicting a tough 2009 for the US as it wakes up to discover it's elected an elderly man or inexperienced egomaniac as President. Either way, it won't be pleasant, the economy will suffer. I'm battening down my financial hatches, I've seen this storm before.

On a more pleasant note, I should have never written about Eduardo, damn Latinos, like an itch you can't reach, driving me crazy now, some things never change with me. 🙂