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Friday night, long work week, I tore off into the city to Halo for a 90’s night event organized by a circuit party boy (though at 25 he looks a lot older – partying takes it’s toll).  The gay cocktail party in full swing. I recognized some folks, saw the available wolfs looking for a hookup, chatted with a few, had 3 drinks and back home I came. This is as exciting as it gets.

TC aware of my outing, he couldn’t protest me going, considering the circumstances. But I’m also not yet over TC, in fact, our story is not yet over. TC said he himself had no idea what he was going to do until the ship pulled away from the dock. My brown tiger isn’t fully grown up yet and even if and when that happens, I suspect indecisiveness will always be one of his traits.

The good news, I’m comfortable with what I want and I won’t spend time digging into things I don’t want. But I realize that the story with TC isn’t done and even if it were done, I need to allow myself some time to recover. The next person coming into my life will expect me to be free with no lien holds, no emotional baggage and ready to commit. While I won’t have that new car smell, I should at least Febreze the interior.

While TC couldn’t protest, that didn’t stop him from calling me at 6 a.m. to ‘verify’ I was alone. There is nothing like a jealous tiger.


  1. He’s so cute, checking up on you. That brown tiger, he’s adorable. A keeper, I say!

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