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Clay, the black DC guy who I’ve worked with on organizing social stuff, is quintessential DC. He’s lived here his entire life, is in the scene so to speak, but professes constantly to how bad ‘DC’ is. Fish shit in their own bowl it seems to be. TC reminding me that for all the money I’ve spent living here, I could have found a nice village in Spain to hang out for less. Fuck him too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Clay lives his life on FaceBook and posted a comment that got the queers all stirred up. Seems he’d met someone, had a nice chat, thought perhaps it might go somewhere, the other party seemed to be on board and then Clay finds out 2nd hand that the guy has a long term partner. Clay was shocked and wondered whether this should be one of his grilling questions.

Well the entire gay community chimed in with all sorts of messages, from one extreme to the other it went from it’s OK to the other side “this is why I stay single”. Gay relationships seems to be like home ownership, you may be happy but that doesn’t stop you from going to an open house and professing to be a buyer.

I’ve seen this happen first hand recently. The “I may be interested in trading up if you are too”. Guys are dogs. They don’t leave a relationship until they have another one. Failing that, they go back and sleep on the kitchen floor with the current one, though the sniffing around doesn’t stop. Women usually force a guy’s hand. They either toss the guy out or drive him crazy to the point he commits suicide on his own. In gay relationships, this doesn’t seem to apply.

I didn’t sniff around when I was married. But in the gay world, it’s all I do, sniff around. Hence I made the decision since I’m happy with the brown tiger, to not hang out with gay guys. It’s that fucking simple. Yes, you can drone on about friends and this and that, but I’ve seen these friends. I don’t see a reason to hang around a bunch of gay dudes usually involved in scoping out other guys (unless it’s for sport purposes!!!).

So here is it Wednesday, my dinner routine for the last 3 nights I have had 2 glasses of red wine, a steak n’ cheese salad and exactly 2 Graham crackers followed by a big glass of water, I get into bed and read. I leave the house only to shop. I having a grand time. I will go to Canada next week. Where is that damn brown tiger?


  1. Life sounds good….but full of carbs! LOL

  2. It sucks that it has to be this way for some. Gay relationships are trickier it seems. I wonder if not being marrried/not having kids make it easier for some to just throw in the towel.

    That’s funny how now you say “But in the gay world, itโ€™s all I do, sniff around.” I guess it really is tricky since 3 years I’ve been here, and I’m friends mostly with straight folks, or lesbians. I made one really good gay friend but that was 2 years in waiting, with others there was always a gray area, partly my doing too but with this one, we’re friends fo sho! lol

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