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I return to Washington Friday. It’s been a full 3 weeks on the road including Tiger time in Toronto. I’m exhausted and feel a bit homeless.

I have made a command decision to get a new apartment out in the suburbs and closer to the Dulles Airport. The reality is I’m paying a premium to live close to the city yet I rarely am at ‘home’ and even less do I venture into the city. The monthly savings easily pays for a flight to Toronto. I have zero interest in whoring about and my attempts to make gay friends have largely failed. I have such a low tolerance for all their antics.

My wife is worried I will get lonely out in the ‘burbs but a box is a box and I might as well save the money for something else. DC simply is not that interesting a place. I hope I’m making the right decision. But it’s a freaking apartment, if I don’t like it, well I’m a gypsy, I’ll move again.

TC and I had a great time together. He misses me in a deep hearted way. I’m not a terribly sentimental man, I don’t give thoughtful gifts or write cute little messages on cards. He knows that. He’s the fucking girl after all. He recognizes this.

Canada is where they invented winter and for some odd reason TC doesn’t have a warm winter jacket and such I decided would be his 27th birthday gift from me. Unfortunately, the task of procuring was a mite more difficult than I imagined. An entire day we spent wandering through shops of all sorts, looking for an appropriate warm yet stylish winter appparal for his purring Tiger.

The highlight of the day was in a vintage clothing shop, where TC tried on a full length woman’s black mink coat. He was giving this serious consideration, egged on by the various shop personnel who thought he looked like a super rock star. What could I do or say? He did look quite stylish, long black hair on his thin little body. Lucky for me, he at the last minute decided against it.

At the end of this search, we arrived at the mother of all winter jackets. Canada Goose. Never heard of them? This is the fucking most expensive winter jacket for Artic conditions known to man. It is designed to withstand the most serious of cold blasts while looking stylish. Every Asian twink rent boy in Toronto has one. A round little white logo on the arm signals to all, “you’ve arrived”.

After 1 hour of prancing about in the store, he proclaimed it fit for his usage and off we went into the night. He purred like never before, all warm and cozy he was as the cold winds whipped up Yonge Street from the lake.

So a week into wearing it, TC decides he’s seen too many Asian twink boys on the street wearing ‘his’ jacket and has returned it awaiting the arrival of a more unique and more expensive Canada Goose jacket. I can never win!


  1. he’s so cute.

  2. Chris: That was a heart warming story. And you claim to not be sentimental?

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