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My lunch with APG (Asian Professional Guy) dragged on for 2 hours. He’s cuter than I remember him. He’s helpful to talk to, at 36, he ocame out at 29 and he’s only on his 2nd guy. He’s warm and friendly to chat with but he keeps driving me on my topic by asking probing questions. The answer is obvious, I need to get out of the house and get on with my life.

He doesn’t like me to ask questions or do what I do best, change subjects mid-sentence. But what’s come out is quite interesting, his current BF is my age and previously married, 3 teen age kids, house in the burbs basically a mirror of me. The BF had gotten divorced 3 years ago, but he and his wife had spent 4 years trying to sort all of it out! FOUR YEARS! I’m not sure I even remember that far back. FOUR YEARS! That’s like 1/2 of George W. Bush. An awfully long time.

I know, we all move at our own pace and things do take time. Time my ass. It’s weak, cowardly behaviour. Make a plan and execute, no screwing around. You guys with me?

So my current plan, go to Europe, figure out how much time I’m gonna spend over there versus here. Decision point. Act. I either need to get my own place here (if I’m here a lot) or find a flatmate (if I’m here a little). Clearly other options if I’m here only a bit. So time is running out, I can’t wait to see how this ends.

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  1. Maybe I could be your flatmate! LOL!!! if you are going to be there little.

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