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One door closes, another opens

Yesterday, my wife and I advised our marriage counselor that we are going to stop therapy. Our goal of communicating had been reached. We were openly talking and it was pointless to "keep looking" for problems to fix. After some discussion, she agreed, we all recognize that things in the future could change and returning will always be an option.

The reality is our marriage is fine. I’m not fine though. This is my problem, not her’s or our’s. I will return to my own private therapy. I want an answer and I need it fast.

William correctly identified that I’m refusing to deal with this myself. The answer to all my questions lie within. Looking on the Internet for solutions, asking others for their opinions and seeing how others have dealt with their own issues, while helpful, isn’t the answer for me. There is no off the shelf solution.

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  1. When I cam out to my wife, I don’t think there was really any option. The marriage was more or less at an end. Now it’s just a matter of convenience and finances.

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