Fall 2006 – I’m getting a bit frustrated by all of this. So far my adventures into Gaydom aren’t producing the results I’m looking for. Of course, I’m not 100% sure what I’m looking for.

My Gaydar has gone off again with Richard, he’s in my company’s customer service dept. He’s clearly gay. Richard is 29, tall, back and has a wonderful smile. This is going to be risky, Richard still works at the company and I’m an executive. We’d talked a couple of times, I felt comfortable with him. I work up the nerve and ask if we could go out for drinks one day. He says yes, he doesn’t drive, I offer to take him home sic 🙂

On the drive to the restaurant, for some odd reason, I get to the damn point. I ask if he’s gay. He says yes. I immediately launch into my story leaving no detail uncovered. Richard is just out of a long term relationship.

We eat and have drinks at the restaurant, in the car park I lean in and kiss him. He responds. I’m totally turned on. He thinks I’m funny. He keeps telling me how he had this feeling his next BF would be a white guy. No, he’s never been with a white guy before.

We go to his apartment in a questionable neighborhood in DC, it’s all he can afford. Inside, a bit more kissy face, on to his bed, zipper down, pants moving. OMG – folks, I have never seen cock this big and it’s getting bigger. I mean it’s huge. It even has a "you are here" map on the side. I’m thinking, I hope Richard isn’t planning on using that weapon on me.

Richard comes to his senses, this is moving way too fast. He zips up before much has happened and urges me to leave. I do.

Richard is from South Carolina, he is illegitimate and doesn’t know who his father is, he only has a high school education. This is not sounding like a happy start to life. He knows the incident rate of HIV amongst blacks in the DC area. Richard is totally antisocial, I find, he doesn’t go out, has few friends and is a total loner.

Over the course of the next months, I discover that Richard has what is known as "angry black man" syndrome. He’s totally pissed at the world and blames white people for his trouble and his antisocial behaviour isn’t helping. I decide to keep my distance.

PROLOGUE: Richard gets fired from the company, seems he was becoming a problem employee. I step in to help calling a CEO friend of mind. He gets a new job there in 3 weeks. Richard doesn”t call to thank me. That’s OK, I’ve done a good deed, I wish him the best.