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Its early Sunday morning and we're on the train heading to Switzerland. Daddy has a meeting and Tiger Cub is going to play tourist and official bed warmer.

Daddy? Did I just say that? A longer story on that topic later. I know, disgusting.

Some new stories to tell when I get time, a story of Roger, the lawyer and his 11 year now broken relationship. A drama moment because I get all jealous with guys hitting on toronto chris. I discover just how bitchy a fag hag can get and their unusual relationship with gay guys. But all of these stories are gonna have to wait, I have some yoddling to do.

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  1. Sounds like you guys have had an interesting couple of days. Don’t keep us waiting for too long.

  2. Is TC planning to go hicking with Heidi… I recall the Grandfather had a rather hot grandson.

  3. As much as one hates drama, it doesn’t look like there’s getting around it. Jealousy crept it even with me, as much as I tried not to let it get me. Looking forward to reading more!

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