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Gay married man coming out story

On the road back home

Heathrow airport, a place to be avoided, security lines out the door, wait times of 50 minutes. Lucky for biz class, but still 15 minutes.

Weekend with Chris is over.. We had a great time together. He’s very easy to love. Soft, gentle, no hard edges, he’s a delight to be with. He acknowledges the speed that I move at, but he trusts me cautioning I need to allow him a bit of time. His friends have expressed caution with me, but he’s happy with the pace, we just like being together.

A great central hotel, modern and large, we had a small kitchen & dining area with sofa as well. Last night we bought a bottle of champagne and some prepared food and sat around listening to music. A bit later off to a London theater show. We’re both suckers for romance.

A calm talk about my marriage, he worries for my wife, but recognizes fate is at work. He urges me to give her time to deal with this.┬áHe’s got some issues and I patiently listened, I’m totally taken listening to him.

Chris talks about his prior relationships, its clear a number of guys have fallen in love with him. I can see why. it also sounds like he knows what he wants and doesn’t hesitate to drop a relationship either. But he appears to stay friendly with every one of his ex.

He was candid about the number of his past relationships. 3. Not a big number So now I board, 8 hours, back to DC.


  1. 3 relationships? I wonder if that’s a big number? I’ve only had 2!

  2. Will everyones idea of a relationship is different. It’s obvious that you are still smitten, and if your time with Chris feels warm and wonderful…..upward and onward.
    It would appear that you are both being openly honest about your relationship… to where it will go, only time can tell for now.

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