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Today is moving day. I’m out of my flat in London and into a hotel. Stress level is up. I popped over to Cologne, Germany yesterday and found a very nice 2-story flat near the University and should be settled there by next weekend. Weather here great and I took this photo of the London Eye this afternoon for you.

TC is none too happy about the proximity of the German flat to the student bar area. Hey – fella’s got to eat right? He’ll be staying with me in the hotel this week and has decided to quit his job and come with me for a “couple of weeks” to Germany to “supervise” my activities. He will go back to Canada to see his family, but already hinting he’d like us to continue. At this point, I’m happy with that. It will simply be nice.

Things happening at my US home. Frustrating not to be there. Water line leak yesterday created a crawlspace mess, my wife tried to deal with the best she could. But I’m the mechanical person, not her. Today I rang up and my youngest son answered, he told me he had been hit by a car and the line went dead. I immediately called again, my wife in stress, yes he’d been knocked on his bike by a hit n’run driver. Police and fire department are right now at the house. She says he’s a bit scuffed up and they may take him to the hospital. Lovely.

It’s moment like these that the head of household, the captain of the ship, needs to be there. I could just as well be on a business trip, but I’m not. I’ve run away from home and I’m still running.


  1. Why do you have to be gay away from home? Can’t you and Toronto Chris become DC based…DC Chris (cubed)? LOL

  2. Things are going to happen in the life of your family where ever in the world you are…..your wife just has to know that you are there for her and the boys.

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