hkHard to believe, I’ve been in Hong Kong for closing on 3 years and it now appears this is coming to an end. So what have I been up to? Glad you asked.

Despite the enticement of cute Asians who seem to have a “thing” for older white guys, I’ve mostly missed all these opportunities namely because Scrappy is still very much with me. Indeed, we’ve assumed a fully married life. Me trying to avoid trouble and him complaining about virtually everything I do (or don’t do). I make a mess. I don’t communicate. I don’t understand his feelings. Usually ending with “we don’t have enough sex.” So I do what other married guys have learned to do .. drink.

I am moving to California. This is a repositioning exercise as I need to get deep into the technology zone again. Asia may have al ot of money, but it’s not the land of start-ups and crazy ass ventures that I love. Scrappy has become a mini-celebrity in the hair styling world here, brown, long haired mini-hippie, girls just love him and ironically the Asian guys like him. I come home at night to find half naked women prancing around or straight guys texting him to go out.

Hong Kong is a 24×7 city and shit is going on all the time in a safe environment. I won’t miss the tropical humidity in the summer but I’ll miss many things. Scrappy ran into a visa issue here at the end and he needs to get out. We both need to get out.

Unfortunately, the US will present another visa challenge for his Canadian brown ass. I’ve offered to get married which would afford him work & residency. But he started barking again about his independence. Sadly, he’s not very independent, mostly dependent on me, but who wants to admit that.

Married is the next logical step. But it means broadening the circle of people in the know. In the years since this blog began, much has changed in the US about attitudes of gay relationships and while I mostly don’t care what others think, I actually do. With marriage, it will be time to move this peg up and be fully out and about. No I don’t know any fucking Katy Perry songs and I can’t decorate your living room so I’m far from the stereotype homo (Scrappy is a better fit). I don’t want to expand the circle of trust but instead, just here is Scrappy, he be my bitch, where be your bitch? And just go back to the conversation.

One of our Spanish employees, a big girly bear, talks so much about his “husband” and how he and his “husband” or this that or the other. It’s tiring, he wears his big bottom ass on his wrist. Great, you’re married to a guy, who cares. And perhaps, who cares indeed is what the homo community has been striving for. It sounds pretty close.