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OK so we’re intimate

Unbeknownst to you, TC’s name has sortof morph’d from Tiger Cub (the obvious TC) to simply ‘pup’.  I’ve accidentally called him that out in public numerous times with the resulting turned heads.  I realized we (meaning I) have taken this perhaps too far when these Google Ads appeared beside an email exchange between us. When you’re done retching in the waste bin, you may continue reading.

I arrived at my suburban home yesterday to do some chores, see the kids. My neighbor was at the end of his drive, shoveling the remains of the snow. He’s fully aware of what’s going on,  he’s ex-military, but we shared a passion for wine and travel and enjoyed many a time sitting in his custom built wine cellar he had built in his basement. So I stopped again to chat. He’s quite private, he doesn’t ask me questions, his emotion to me unchanged, but turns out yesterday was his birthday, his wife out of the country, daughter at school and, oh, by the way, I got fired as of 1 January. It was tough admission, he’s never been fired from anything (me on the other hand have been fired so many times, I gave up counting — rule #1 negotiation your severance package coming in)!

So long story short. Told my wife and we decided to invite him to dinner. That evening, he arrived to a well laid out spread and there I sat, Captain of the table, chatting into the night. We laughed, discussed things, drank, it was all quite pleasant. I never asked about his employment and he never asked “how are we doing”. He left, I drove into the city. Old song from Marc Cohn, “True Companion” playing on the car CD. I got all choked up. I miss my pup and Google knows it.

It’s all to easy to point out and fixate on the things going wrong in your life and far too easy to forget about the things going in your favor. My wife has been a true champ, an elegant lady about all of this and continues to be supportive. My kids are fine, busy with their own lives. Whatever happens with TC, I have 2 years of precious memories of all the great things we did together and the love we shared. I have certainly been lucky and perhaps chosen well at critical points.

I hope you are lucky, and if not, at least make the effort to choose well.


  1. I hope TC reads your blog again. Your words about him are pure love. He must realize he is not going to find that so easily again. Jobs come and go; but love is forever.

    You are not alone. Best wishes.

  2. Cute…your wife has been very supportive. That’s great!

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