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Oh the places you won’t go

I’m a boring person. For almost 10 years for vacation, I went to the same area of Northern Italy. In fact, the same hotel. My wife and I spent a week with no kids, climbing around in the mountains, enjoying nice dinners and the magnificent views. It was the only time of year I disconnected from the grid. No email, no telephone, gawky late night Italian game shows (where most of the female contestants where half naked, long live the Pope). I miss my vacation spot.

Now living up the gay ole lifestyle, I wouldn’t dare venture into those parts. The inn keeper was a rugged old man, in the Italian mountain patrol, he had climbed up and down those mountains like a billy goat. It took him 5 years just to accept me, ain’t many Americans wandering about at this altitude. His wife was part of a good area family. Their two sons helped with the running of the hotel. We weren’t family, but we were “stamm” guests. The old goat would grumble that we might get a free bottle of wine if we kept coming for 20 years. I could drive to this place in the darkest of night with no map, it was like a second home.

I can’t imagine ever going back to that area. All the hotels are locally run. I can imagine the glances of me and TC pulling into town. Probably would be a newspaper article the next day. Uncomfortable stares. These are private people. No one would say a word. But I’m tuned to them and would feel the vibe. Not much of a vacation for anyone.

I can’t see myself roaming about the vineyards of Argentina, scarfing down some recent vintage. We’d be dead meat. In fact, a large part of the world is now officially closed to me or rather me and Tiger Puff. It’s not me alone, but me alone with another guy and then added queer factor of TC. Not going to happen. Major cities, it’s all great, the anonymity protects all.

Yes, I know you there, big flaming homo waving the  pride flag, will tell me I can go wherever I want and be proud or whatever you guys are. I prefer to get around without so much as a ripple in the waters, go local. Yes I know,this is my fault and yes I should learn to deal with it. But I’m dealing with enough already, you go ahead without me.

Another factor I had not considered.

LCD TV Update: Back to my house I trudged, ready to exchange the TV for a bigger screen. I asked my oldest son to go with me to ensure we did the right thing. He said he was “too” busy. Fine, fuck all of you. So I packed up the new TV, re-installed the old TV and promptly took everything back for a full money back return. They all realized they’d crossed the line with me. He stood around watching me untangle and retangle the 90 cords involved. Didn’t say a word. Wife realized as well, sent me a nice note late this evening ‘thanking me’ again for everything. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. I’m a super nice guy, take a long time to boil me over, once you do, you’re fucked. I have a 46″ TV in my little one bedroom, I’m happy.


  1. Don’t be so sure about Argentina, they legalized same sex marriage there this year — from what I understand you’d be welcome in the big cities, perhaps less so in the rural areas but isn’t that the case in most places?

    It’s too bad you let your frustration with the HDTV get the best of you; if you went back and got the 46″ you’d end up being the hero; now you come across as a sore loser. What happened to the proven problem solver you tout yourself to be?

  2. Come down under or Cuba or Asia…tons of old white guys with young Asian guys! LOL! You’ll fit right love you a long time!

  3. SG: You don’t quite have the accent right for asia. It would be: me rove you rong time! Haha! I should know, I’m asian.

  4. It is a shame but this is a real worry. It might just he paranoia but I always scour the website and trip advisor before booking a hotel to see if there are any references to it being gay friendly, or I can find a review from a gay person.

    Then of course there is getting there and checking in. If you manage to get past the desk without a dirty look, then woohoo it is time to start the holiday!

  5. Hmm, you’re right about so much of the world being closed off! Thanks for making me sad. By the way I read Velvet Rage after I saw you mention it in a post. Illuminating n’est ce pas?

  6. Found this, which looks interesting. Has anyone ever considered a company like this?

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