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I’m off to Paris, so you probably won’t hear much from me this weekend (like you don’t have a life – Monty I’m worried about you). I debated cancelling the trip, TC (aka Tiger Cub) pissed me off. But the reality is we do have a good time together.

He said I acqused him of having an “intimacy” problem. That I want sex when he doesn’t. That we live our lives in 2 different time zones. He closed that we aways seem to be talking about sex. His recommendation, “give me some distance, I’ll come to you”.

Perhaps I am possessive. I want my time with him and I hate to share. We’ll be together just the 2 of us for 2 days straight. And yes, I would have sex every day, he just fires all my cylinders in a moment. In the end, I asked if thought he did have an “intimacy” issue. He shrugged, looked away and said perhaps, he was struggling to figure it out for himself. In the end, we kissed and made up.

I’m the senior mature one here, I should be smarter. I’m happy to have him here, he’s not stopping me from making new “friends” and yes he may have some of his own issues. But they are his to sort out. So I should STFU and get on with my own life and where it intersects with him, super.

I wonder what French guys taste like? 🙂


  1. Why are you worried about me??? 🙂
    Ummm Frenchmen…I’m not a huge fan! But you might find one or two in Les Marais that aren’t too bad! Enjoy gay Paris! 😉

  2. something i’ve learned recently (ok, not so recently…) if you want sex every day because he fires all cylinders, and he’s “yeah whatever” – the sex will ALWAYS be a bone of contention. This is the beginning, not 3 years in where you have explored all the normal stuff and have to get creative.
    I hope you enjoy Paris. Truly I do.

  3. TC is somewhat of the “Artful Dodger”, in other words “street wise”. I’m sure he has his issues, who doesn’t, but he also knows how to attach himself to situations which he hopes are favourable (don’t you like my English spelling) to him. Yes you enjoy his company…..and he enjoys your security and the comfortable life that comes with it…..but Chris it would appear that that’s all. Have a good time in Paris.

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