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O No You Dit-ten

Enough about HIV. Gets everyone all worked up, bunch of bees buzzing. Controversy though did drive a massive increase in web traffic. Put me down as the Bill O’Reilly of gay views, I’m the person you love to hate. I say things people don’t like to hear, what can I say? Next week, I’m taking on Jesus Christ.

TC is here, no thanks to my directions on how to de-plane. He’s petrified of the police here and all sorts of official looking people roaming about the airport. They do it right in Germany, police carry around machine guns at the airport. Usually not many of them, but enough, right. How many machine guns do you need to get respectful? Nonetheless, after a 2 hour delay retrieving luggage (my fault), we were on our way.

Sunday, my wife is cooking dinner for us as barter for TC doing hair. They will drink wine and laugh and I will hide out in my man cave (playing with manly tools and other dangerous objects). It’s quite normal to have him back in the house. He screamed and yelled for about 2 hours about my cleanliness  as he flew around the tiny apartment sorting it out to his liking. Good thing I cleaned up before he got here (sic).

As I’ve written, this blog is mainly breadcrumbs for others who follow down this path. Not every entry is gonna be a heart pounder or some witty thought provoking cute n’ tidy item. Life lacks that many highlights.  I observe and comment on things I see, you might not like my opinion and I happily allow contrary views in comments. I  am not always right and reserve the right to change my opinion, but I also not always wrong. I also share my life uncensored. You take the good with the bad and hope it balances out.


  1. Chris: Yes! We’re back to TC stories – take good notes and let us know how the night went, we want all the details including how you made up for lost time being away from your tiger. 😉

  2. You are with your tiger…yeah..the world is in safe hands.

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