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Now he’s scared

Going to explore the city today and take the kids to see Lion King production tonight. What next, explaining why I like Marks & Spencer’s chocolate granola cereal?

A humor note, TC and I are bumbling thru the Marias neighborhood, fully of trendy little shops. So Chris wanders into this shop specializing in male underwear. I’m browsing behind him, scared to look at the price tags. Suddenly the manager of the store comes running over to Chris babbling in whatever language these people speak (OK so I’m not a big French fan).

The manager is all excited, chattering along, Chris is slowly backing up, no idea what this guy is talking about. Between the two of us, we figure out the guy is asking Chris if he was interesting in being an underwear model.  He’s also quite complementary of Chris’s body Chris’s eyes are saucer wide open.

We explain he doesn’t’ live here but thanks for the interest and make our way out of the store. Chris is a little shaken. I’m laughing out loud. Here is my cub who strolls thru a sex club like it’s a 7-11 and some well dressed guy in a reputable store can unnerve him with a simple compliment.

It gets me thinking, so I decide it’s time to take my cub back home just to see one more time what I may have overlooked in my “new” underwear model sans the underwear. 🙂

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  1. Is this a picture of him? Very hot I must say.

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