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Now here’s something you’ll really enjoy

It's a slow news day for me, so in the attempt to spark increased readership, time to roll out a cute boy. I know, I know, he's white and not usually my type. But during these trying times, I'll do anything for ratings. I hear TC hissing already.

I'm talking with a CA colleague last night, he's inquiring about what I possibly did to piss off the CEO of my previous company to get myself whacked. I told the almighty the truth. It you don't do X then Y will happen and you'll be f*cked and since the CEO didn't want to do X, well, my first year logic class helped me arrive at the immediate answer, he and the company would ultimately be f*cked. CEO's with big egos seem to always live in the land of make believe, a place where they can be right all the time.

Damn, I should have been a CEO, thinking about my own situation, make believe would be great right place to live right now. My wife's new boyfriend (assuming he doesn't kile over from old age) is returning from the Middle East this week and she's all antsy about me being here. Well just WTF does she expect me to be, Siberia?

The last thing I wanna do right now is set-up a flat in DC (gunshot sounds outside my window) and then a month or 2 later pack up and go elsewhere. Plus my office is here and expenses are low. Suck it up, it's what I've been doing for 16 years and it's what I'll do tonight as my pillow hits the guest room bed. Life sucks, now get over it.

As an early Christmas present, I've booked TC to come back end of next week. He'll be 25 and I realize he may not be able to scamper around as much as he did when he was 24, I'll just have to go a bit slower for him.

PS I'm starting to think white may be the new brown.

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  1. Well, this lad may not be your type, but he’s soooooooo my type!!! Yummmo! That treasure trail…mmmmmm…
    I don’t know what you wrote, I was too busy drooling over the boy!

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