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I’m in London on a train to a meeting, I’ve much to report but need time. TC has shown up, left him sleeping in my hotel bed..

We’re going to Belfast Ireland tonight for the weekend. I have meetings there on Monday. 28% of the population is under 20 and its got a big gay scene as well. I’ve already been warned!

I have a hotel suite with kitchen, living and bedroom. We got a bottle of wine and some food and lounged around eating, drinking and chatting. I’m a bit of a teenager with him. He’s got a lot of issues and not super happy at the moment. I’m not sure he needs anyone in his life right now, least of all me.

Out in London bars, Chris and I hit on different guys. Its a little innocent game. Back in hotel, I set Chris up to call his family via our office phone system. He doesn’t talk to them that much.

I went to bed but it was sweet to hear him chatting away. Every member of his large extended family had to say hello.

Happy for the moment.

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  1. Living in the moment sometimes has its advantages…..

  2. Like the song says..”If it makes you happy, it cannot be that bad.” Enjoy it. Life is short. Be happy.

  3. Teenage romanticism is the best huh?

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