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Not my type, but if it makes YOU happy

Image322 TC is having a merry ole time in London. Seeing old friends, going out to familiar places. He's giddy because I told him I have an opportunity to return to London in October and become a UK employee thereby setting down some roots. He wasn't terribly keen on living in Germany (not that I blame him fully). He envisions us living together in London, making new couple friends, traveling, he working/studying a bit. A gingerbread life.

Unfortunately, there's a little something called immigration laws and most countries are quite unfriendly for anyone who's not a tourist.

TC had joyously thought he would get married to his former boyfriend (a UK citizen). I warned him of the amount of paperwork, effort and expense but he didn't bother to look in any detail. It wasn't until he realized that his former boyfriend, Steven, wasn't perhaps the most stable emotionally AND the associate paperwork that he fully dismissed the idea. So now what to do?

I made the effort to learn about getting a student visa in the UK. Not hard. Just have to follow the rules. Governments like rules. Just check their boxes and you get what you want. so TC now has some homework to investigate some schools and their tuition requirements.

He's wasn't terribly amused when I commented that if he can't get a residency permit, I'll be in London this fall hunting for a new Rice Queen while he enjoys the onset of a Canadian winter. But the honest reality, TC needs to step up his game, I know he can do it, I'm encouraging him with both a carrot and a stick (he likes the stick best cause it's bigger), but he's gotta lead, I'm right behind him (not that way, you sick people).

Hopes and dreams are great but it's time to put the shoulder to this rock and push.


  1. I’m totally confused. He envisions you and him setting up home in London, but he wants to marry Steven? Are you sure there is nothing going on between those two?

  2. Chris:
    So nice to know that there are people out there looking for Rice Queens. Mind you, I suspect there are still few of them looking for Trolls, but you never know. One of the great mysteries in life is how, even in a gay subculture with such openness about specific attractions, one so often falls in love with someone who doesn’t fit the fantasy bill at all.
    Love: the compleat conundrum.

  3. A thought…..I was under the impression that as long as one (see I can speak like a queen) is from a Commonwealth country that it is a great deal easier getting a visa to live in England……look at all the Jamacians and Kenyans.

  4. Ahem, just a little bit of education…a Rice Queen, by definition, is a caucasion guy who goes for Asian guys (generally younger). Therefore you, Chris, could have that title however my impression is that you tend to go for Latino over Asian guys. You wouldn’t go out looking for Rice Queens as they wouldn’t be interested in you. Know what I mean? :-0

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