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No good for nothing Tiger Cub

I've been on the verge of a major breakdown. It's layers and layers of stuff and I just can't process it all. Some of it's good, some bad, and some just unknown. It's the unknown sh*t that really gets me.

Tiger Cub finally get around to locking a date to return to DC, January 2nd. Only problem, United Airlines has no frequent flyer tickets on the 2nd, or the 3rd and only 8 p.m. on the 4th. Well just f*ck me.

Tiger Cub also doesn't want me going to Chicago for New Year's, because he's sick with fear that I'll go pawing around. "Boys are out looking not to be alone on New Year's", he warns.

I need to get my own place, it's not that living at home is not working. It's just not working for me.

On the business front, it's all up in the air. My crazed new idea has got a $1m commitment, but we're still working the business case on whether we wanna take the money. If it's a go, I'll have to stay here.

A large German company is reference checking me for a position in Munich and will likely decide go/no go in January. I'd have to move to Munich probably ASAP.

A meeting with the President of a large Japanese consumer electronics house at CES in Vegas in early January will decide whether they want to proceed with a multi-year consulting arrangement, with me doing most of the work. The Japanese are sending signals that it's a done deal. I can live anywhere for this gig. It's not full time, but then again I rarely like to work that hard.

Finally, an old friend called, he's planning on whacking a bunch of his 6000 employee company come January and saying he "can find a home for me" after the carnage. I can live in New York or across the river in Hoboken.

Finally, the Presidential Inauguration has resulted in no short term housing in DC in January and promises to be a mess of epic proportions if I'm in the middle of moving.

Choices. Not all of these are gonna happen. Sh*t will fall through, get delayed, never materialize. But in the midst of all this, I'm hesitant to make any move, fearing I'm not on solid ground.

I've become such a victim of TC. I will do anything to have his toasted brown body purring next to me as I sleep. When he's awake, I'm usually just pissed at him for something.


  1. Sounds like life happening all around you. At least you have job prospects….better than houndreds of thousands of Americans.
    Keep blogging I’ll keep reading.

  2. You lucky bastard! so many choices…raining jobs and you have a boy..what else could you want!

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