I write a technology blog, and in one posting I accidentally flame broiled the CEO of this company I know & actually am friendly with. He called me, “Chris – your blog is yours and you can write what you want, but I’d appreciate it, as a favor to me, if you could tone down any future postings about us”. How gracious, I thought. I immediately offered to delete the posting. “No – I enjoy your writing, leave it.” Wow. I, of course, immediately went and sharply edited the posting and took the flames away. He had played me like a fiddle.

Contrast that with Kenny. Thinking this morning, he’s already decided he’s not going to be my friend. He’s far too emotional fragile to deal with my “out of control” ways, I might do something bad in the future. He’s also decided not to expose anything more about himself to me, I’m far too big a risk. But this blog posting is just gnawing away at him. Something is on the Internet about him, he can’t control it – must be driving him crazy for him to contact me. The fact that these postings are anonymous and he’s still concerned makes the entire situation even sillier.

You’d think after knowing me for 3 years, he’d of figured out how to manage me (I look good with a bridle on). Smarter would have been to pull my emotional strings, I’m soft for him, playing hurt would have worked better.

So for now, the postings will stay, he either needs to change his tact or grow up, either way, I don’t care.