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Nice to have met you anyways

Scrappy Doo came bouncing off the plane this morning at 7 a.m. and in relatively good spirits. He likes a good adventure. We’ll see how he does on the jet lag.  He’s now nearing 10,000 miles away from his home, this is about as far away as you can get.

I’ve got to buckle down and focus on work and having some adventure on the side with Scrappy, so if you don’t hear much from me, don’t worry yourself.  I’ll continue to babysit Single in the City (he clearly has leash issues) until he moves away. But that’s simply social interaction.

Much as I bitch and complain about Scrappy. I am lucky. He doesn’t play the homo games on me, never did actually and he’s by all visible aspects pretty loyal. Single in the City can write about the crazies in the homo district.  Below the Radar as well. There is always a hotter body, a better find, a bigger dick, a more suitable {insert quality} which keeps the gays in a seemingly constant state of either search or misery punctuated by brief periods of ‘whore’ mode (also known as ‘serving my needs’).  My general advice to all is stay away from the homo community as much as possible if you’re in a relationship. But as these bloggers can attest, snaring a homo from the pond always seems to be a difficult game at best.

I’m sure Scrappy and I will continue to have our friction, but for now, I’m gonna try and enjoy our time together.

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  1. you guys belong together!

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