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Lufthansa Flight 415 from Washington to Munich is airborne. My wife and 2 kids safely aboard, off for the summer holiday. I’m in my new apartment, moved in, trying to figure how how to shove 120 shirts, 38 pairs of shoes and 60 pairs of pants into a single closet. I’ll manage.

I’m out now. The first part of the journey complete. A new series of chapters in my life set to begin, but thinking these won’t be a new chapters, it will be an entirely new book. With this new book, comes some new rules.

I’ve told my story out on the Internet, no holds barred, sometimes raw and unedited to maybe help someone else along their way, but mainly to help me. I appreciate all the positive comments and emails I’ve received.

But it’s time to change how I’m documenting my progress, the people I meet going forward and myself will need a bit of privacy. These “names where changed” folks I’ve met and will meet along the way also need some protection. Thus, I’m going to need to curtail the personal stories and stick to broader topics. Hope I can continue to keep it interesting for you folks in Des Moines.

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  1. 38 pairs of shoes???
    Who are you? Imelda Marcos?
    I could have commented earlier, but I figured my acerbic text wouldn’t shrivel you up.
    I like your style. Totally my type 🙂

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