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Never drink at the airport

Image308 I’m airborne tomorrow, back across the Atlantic I shall go. Nothing to report. I’m under house arrest again. Staying at home, being good, with TC calling twice a day.

TC’s call from Sunday, I realize, was a housekeeping one. He wanted to sort out a bunch of emotional items he had on the shelf. Emotional items don’t have long shelf lives and left unattended begin to rot. I love those couples who fight about things left unsaid, the silent wars. Such a waste of time. Deal with it fresh, tastes a whole lot better. I’m glad he did it. Keep the lines open at all times. No matter what.

My father will be 80 next year, he called me the other night to check in, for the first time I heard a frail element in his voice. He’s alone after 3 marriages and lives his life in a 10 mile radius from his home. I wonder if he’s happy and how much longer he has or even if he cares. More important – I wonder what he would have done differently?

What would you do differently? If you hear me humming Frank Sinatra’s “I did it my way” well, you’re too old for me to start, but when do you begin living the life you want? All of us have many masters in our lives, but sometimes I hope, you let yourself be in charge for some moment amount of time. I’m powering up, I smell a new game afoot, September’s is gonna be different.

Now I turn my attention to the really important stuff, namely, will the champagne in the Red Carpet lounge be cold enough for me tomorrow. 🙂


  1. chris,at 57 finally embarking on the life that i have wanted and longed for..left some brokeness in its path, but this is full steam ahead….

  2. Chris,
    If Dave at 57 and me at 62 (OMG that’s not possible) can love life, than so can you…….and I suspect you do.

  3. What about the boys? I thought they were visting you this summer. I loved it when you wrote that they came visit you like 8 or 9 months ago in London. You guys had such a good time, and you are such a great dad. How did their annual visit go this year?

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