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TC arrived last night and we spent the entire day looking for apartments and being lovey with each other. Unfortunately, this all ended about 9:30 p.m this evening. Drama with me is never far away, generally at my own doing.

TC wanted me to order something for him online and I did, but using his computer I also quickly checked my email and unfortunately, I failed to log off. TC, being the curious critter that he is, took advantage while I was in the other room to scan my emails.

In late December, Eduardo had written me to wish me a Happy New Year and glad to hear, after indicating he was reading this blog, that TC was coming to town. All respectful. I, of course, replied with a slanted comment thanking Eduardo for the note and indicating I was sorry we hadn't gotten together for a dinner, but was glad not, because I still liked him. Now this was stupid, which appears to be my primary game in the gay world.

Well, TC goes into tears about it. Now recognize, I haven't seen or spoken with Eduardo in 18 months. Nonetheless, I'll admit failure on my behalf to act like a gentlemen. Predictably TC storms out (I'm used to this scene). I call him a short while later (I got him a mobile phone) and he tells me he's out a local DuPont bar. I call his best girlfriend in Canada, tell her how bad I am (which she already well knows) and urge her to call him (using my own telephone credit card no less).

WAIT. This story isn't over. I'm feeling all bad, so off I go to this bar and quickly find TC outside talking to his girlfriend. Good. Unfortunately, I hear the distinct accented voice of Ryan somewhere in the bar. Ryan, if you will remember, is a guy that I hooked up with last summer in another bad demonstration of my morals. Wth similar stupidity, I 'outed' myself about this incident to TC as well.

I wisely (a rare word about my behaviour) stay outside and actually wander down the street. TC, still on the phone, ambles down and yells out to me, "I know Ryan's in the bar, I recognize him from his facebook page as one of your "friends"".

I have only one option at this point, I tilt my head backwards and scream to the skies, "is there no god".


  1. TC seems like a very suspicious gent. Granted, given your history, he may have reason to be suspicious, but still, a relationship should be built on trust…he needs to trust you and you need to trust him. But still, makes for an entertaining post! LOL

  2. Entertaining to say the least Monty.
    If there is a god maybe his name is Ryan and he was playing a dirty trick on you…….

  3. How was the make-up sex? 🙂

  4. Oh my Gawd! What’s the expression Valledy girls use? ROLFMAOFTFJUM (rolling on the lounge chair farting my ass off from the funny joke u made) or something like that (I don’t really do Valley girl. You once wrote you were an expert on valley girl; so what is the expression?)
    Anyways, all very funny. Keep on posting.
    Hmm, is this the best foot forward for a “loving relationship?” Note the “little details” you added: you were bying him something on the web; you bought him a cell phone; he went to a gay bar (with whose money may I ask?). The sorry life of a kept man and his keeper. Sorry, it does not sound very eppealing (for my taste). Wss your ex-wife as needy as this guy seems to be?
    No wonder your eyes wander.

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